The dengue fever is a mosquito-borne viral disease that is transmitted through the bite of an infected Aedes mosquito. In 2017 alone, there were more than 11,832 cases of dengue identified in India. Common dengue symptoms include fever, headache, body ache, joint pains, loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea, skin rashes and mucosal bleeding. While there is no specific treatment for dengue, timely intervention can help based on the severity of the disease. Moreover, there are easy tips as mentioned below which can help prevent yourself and your family from becoming Dengue sufferers.

Adequate fluid intake :

If you are diagnosed with dengue, it is very important to keep your body hydrated and this implies that you need to take plenty of fluids like water, fresh juices and nutritious soups. You need to also refrain from consuming aerated drinks or drinks which have an artificial sweetener.

Use of mosquito repellents :

It is a good idea to use mosquito repellants when at home or even when you are stepping outside. You should ideally apply them to all exposed skin but be careful to not apply on wounds, near eyes or mouth. Alternately, you can also use sprays for easier application. You can also get mosquito repellant products to light up indoors.

Stay alert when outdoors :

While you can’t refrain to step outside in the dengue season and when you do, then you need to take certain precautions. For instance, you should wear long-sleeved shirts, white or light coloured clothing and long pants tucked into socks. If you are in the car, then ensure that window screens are locked and air conditioning is switched on to provide ventilation.

Use mosquito nets at bedtime :

Prevention of mosquito bites is a great way to prevent dengue. Typically, the adult mosquitoes like to bite inside as well as around homes – both during broad daylight as well as at night when the lights are on. To prevent mosquito bites, you can use nets to cover your sleeping area. This is especially useful with children and infants.

Timely medical attention :

While there is no specific treatment for dengue, it is advisable to seek immediate medical attention if you notice signs and symptoms of dengue. Your doctor will be able to examine your condition and evaluate the symptoms. It is also possible to detect dengue through a blood test. Your trusted doctor will be in the best position to guide you through this time based on the severity of the disease and your personal medical history.