Constant exposure to loud noises, such as traffic, construction noise or emergency sirens triggers a stress response in your brain that may impact your heart. If you live near an airport, or railroad tracks – the high level of noise is definitely a threat that worries. According to many health studies, it has been found out that such exposure to loud noises can lead to dire implications on heart’s health. In fact, loud noise also contributes to oxidative stress and metabolic abnormalities, which could lead to other chorionic diseases like diabetes.

Chronic loud noise simply means any high-pitched noise like that of the traffic, sirens, construction etc. In fact, constant exposure to even a low pitched noise, also known as “white noise” like that of computer machines in an office environment, can lead to harmful effects on your health – damaging hearing, interfering with sleep pattern and schedule, raising blood pressure and stress levels and causing headaches.

According to recent research, constant exposure to noise leads to inflammation of arteries inside the heart and the brain in some cases, which directly impacts the development of heart disease and strokes. In fact, this not only affects humans but also animals – as they behave more aggressively if exposed to loud noises for a long duration.

Use noise canceling headphones :

One of the easiest ways to solve your “white noise” problem is to use noise-canceling headphones or earplugs. This is a handy way of getting rid of the noise quickly – both at the workplace and in the home environment.

Change of location :

It may seem that this is a big step, but if you or your family members are particularly susceptible to chronic noise, it is a good idea to evaluate relocation – whether it is regarding your home or office. Before relocating, carefully check the surroundings, speak to people residing or working in that neighborhood and then take the decision.

Replace stressful noise with harmless & pleasing sounds :

Due to certain limitations, if you are not able to eliminate noise pollution from your surroundings, a good alternative is to replace this noise with a more pleasing sound. For instance, you can install a white noise machine or a sound spa. In fact, there are also phone-based applications which play pleasing sounds that can even help you meditate.

Be mindful of your surroundings :

Instead of complaining and blaming on others, take ownership of your own neighborhood. For instance, you can plant more trees as they are good noise absorbents, or be mindful of your neighbors when playing loud music or shut the doors when using loud machines.