Are you aching after a brutal workout? It is a general belief that sore muscles are a sign of an excellent workout, and it is proof that your body is making changes in a positive direction. But the fact is that sore muscles and quality of workout do not always go hand in hand. It usually just implies that you pushed your body too hard or that you’re doing a new set of exercises. There are some simple steps you can take to avoid muscle soreness.

Stop overtraining :

    As per fitness experts, any moderate- to high-intensity exercise performed for more than 90 minutes can prove to be negative for overall health. Excessive working out can lead to:
  • Chronic infections and fatigue
  • Allergic reactions
  • Digestive discomfort
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • When it comes to the exercise schedule, the key lies in carefully managing the intensity and time of your workouts.

Massage with Foam roll :

Using a foam roller to massage muscles after a workout can significantly reduce chances of muscle soreness, according to a recent study by the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy. Begin with at least five rolls for each muscle group, starting with your calves and working your way up your body. Spend a bit of extra time on sore spots. Don’t limit foam rolling to the post-workout routine. Do it between workouts to ease muscle soreness and boost mobility.

Stretch :

Stretching shoots up circulation, realigns existing muscle imbalances, strengthens a range of motion, and lessens your risk of ongoing aches and pains due to poor posture or tight muscles. Increased range of motion, in particular, can also help improve your sporting abilities and reduce injury occurrence.

Increase protein and carbohydrate intake :

The muscle tears that occur during the workout require protein for recuperation. Try drinking a protein shake or adding nuts to your diet. One research suggests that eating or drinking a high-quality protein source from egg whites, soy, or whey protein, is ideal. Adding digestible carbohydrates such as fruits can help refuel the muscles and speed up your recovery. Carbohydrates also assist in replacing muscle and liver glycogen to refuel energy stores.

Hot/cold pack treatment :

Whenever you have an issue of sore muscles, it is wise to try the hot/cold treatment. For this treatment, you would need to place an ice pack on your sore muscles for 15-20 minutes. You will then follow that with a heat pack for 15 minutes. Continue this process a few times and you will feel instant muscle relief.

While exercise is important for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, too much exercise can be harmful to your body. Ample rest and a balanced diet can help prevent muscle soreness, repair muscle, and prevent injury, so you can stay healthy and happy and keep on exercising.