As per a health study conducted recently, 64 percent of people globally are opting for organic food as a result of concern over lifestyle diseases. The trend is clearly visible in India as well, be it the increasing number of health and fitness enthusiasts, a growing business for nutritionists and dieticians or even a cut-throat competition unleashed by the various FMCG companies in the natural foods segment.

Food intake: Striking the balance between right quality and quantity :

Though India has a diverse set of cuisines, what unites us all is the love for a spicy, laden and sumptuous meal. However, you need to watch that added cholesterol intake to ensure you have a healthy heart. With our love for everything sweet, making sure you constantly monitor your sugar level is essential. Simple changes in lifestyle like opting for fresh juices every time you have the craving for a soft drink in the heat can be very helpful.

Get the monkey off your back: exercise regularly :

No matter how busy your schedule is, try to find a way to squeeze in a quick 30 minutes workout every day. Making use of your office gymnasium or doing a few quick moves at your work cubicle also helps. It’s important to give all your body muscles a chance to work. Being regular with your workout is key to building a healthy, immune system.

Say no to bad lifestyle habits :

Smoking, overindulgence in alcohol, maintaining bad body posture, lack of personal hygiene, sleeping very late in the night are just some examples of bad lifestyle habits, which more often than not, have a direct bearing on the kind of diseases you contract. The earlier you get rid of these habits, lower are your chances of being endangered by such threatening, chronic diseases.

Getting yourself a trusted health advisor, your Doctor :

No matter how careful you are, disease-laden bacteria and viruses can still find a way through to you, thanks to the growing toxic environment we live in. Going for regular health check-ups to a trusted doctor can help in early identification and mitigation of major health risks. Hence, finding that trusted health advisor who will not just diagnose correctly, but also guide you to lead a healthy lifestyle should be a topmost priority for you.

A healthy mind begets a healthy body :

In April 2017, the Mental Healthcare Act was passed by the Indian government. Ever since the awareness on the subject has been on a rise. While conversations around mental health have definitely increased, there are still so many who are afraid to talk about it or are simply unaware that such problems can exist. Having a healthy mind pervades and in fact controls all other activities of your life. Give yourself time to relax, rewind and seek regular therapy.